Benefits of Commercial Refrigeration

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In competent catering facilities, a commercial fridge is the perfect option for dependable short-term chilled food storage. Whatever the bar or restaurant’s menu, a commercial refrigerator is a convenient and reliable way to keep the ingredients at the appropriate temperature. Commercial refrigeration is available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to optimise capacity in any kitchen configuration, from upright and undercounter designs to a space-saving low commercial fridge freezer range.

Commercial refrigerators are designed to survive more daily use than domestic refrigerators. Even if the appliance is opened regularly, a luxury industrial fridge uses the most efficient forced air cooling system which easily returns to temperature. A light duty commercial refrigerator is a safe option if you don’t need to use it regularly. Choose a commercial fridge with a worktop or prep station for still more convenience, and keep an eye on the temperature with a fridge thermometer.

A blast chiller or freezer can be a big boost to your company when it comes to increased productivity, food safety, and reduced food waste. Food products are instantly cooled or frozen in blast chillers and freezers. As compared to a standard cool phase, rapid cooling minimises evaporation loss (like within a refrigerator). Rapid cooling also assists in the reduction of the size of ice crystals that form in food as it cools and freezes. When food is defrosted, larger ice crystals induce excess moisture escape, which can spoil taste and texture.

Businesses and restaurants should also buy seasonal products that can be frozen for a long period using blast chillers and freezers. Seasonal ingredients and items stored in the blast chiller or freezer thaw easily and maintain their freshness, enabling them to be eaten at any time.

Find out some of the other interesting stuff you can do with your blast chiller or freezer below:
Baked products that are cooled easily maintain their form. Pies, in fact, maintain their flaky texture and are less likely to collapse flat. Blast chillers and freezers can also be used to cook and cool baked pasta for sauces and braises ahead of time.

As previously mentioned, fast cooling results in smaller ice crystals. These smaller crystals make for the production of ice creams and sorbets that are extra smooth and creamy. Smooth textures are useful in more complex desserts such as ice cream cakes and bombes.

Blast chillers are perfect for rapidly cooling off inventory that hasn’t been kept in the refrigerator. This is helpful for beer and wine that has been kept at room temperature since being purchased by a client.

Cryo-shucking clams, oysters, and mussels is a more advanced application for blast chillers and freezers. Shellfish can be frozen in a blast freezer and later thawed in a refrigerator with no one thinking they were previously frozen. They’re as new as the day they were captured until they’re published!

Although a blast chiller or freezer isn’t a kitchen requirement, it can dramatically increase your restaurant’s productivity and minimise inventory loss. If you have any questions about blast chillers or freezers, please email us right away. We will assist you in finding the best blast chiller or freezer for your kitchen at Bush Refrigeration!

Food goods necessitate a great deal of attention. The foodstuffs should be stored with caution. It is important that the food has ample cold storage. To insure that their food items are healthy and fresh for sale, all food establishments have refrigeration facilities. Large food firms must have large supplies of food on hand at all times.

Food goods can only be kept if heavy-duty refrigeration equipment is available. To keep food items as fresh as possible, they should be kept at temperatures between +68 C and +8 C for as little time as possible. The bacteria will expand at a slower rate as the temperature decreases. The proliferation of microorganisms such as bacteria contaminates the food.

Chill blasters:

Through using freezers or blast chillers, food items may be frozen and chilled. The blast chilling system is an ideal way to insure the food is not stored at room temperature. The blast chillers have the potential to freeze food in a very small amount of time.

Over the years, these blast chillers for sale have risen in popularity. They’ve developed into a necessary portion of the food industry. With the aid of blast freezers, food waste can be greatly minimised. These machines are an outstanding alternative for keeping food in a sanitary and safe environment. With the aid of blast freezers, the taste and freshness of food items can be maintained.

The following are some of the advantages that can be gained with the use of blast freezers.

The blast chillers have a fast temperature drop. The microorganisms are unable to replicate due to the sudden decrease in temperature. Since they all contain a certain number of microorganisms, all food items are perishable. If food items are kept at the incorrect temperature, microorganisms will begin to develop and the food will spoil easily. The shelf life of food items is determined by how they are prepared. Food that is not correctly prepared and preserved will not last long. It should be eaten within a few days. The blast chillers have the ability to sterilise bacteria.

Maintaining the consistency of food products: Fast temperature control helps to improve the moisture level of food products. Around 85 percent of the moisture can be retained by quickly lowering the temperature. It also inhibits the development of microcrystals, which may develop within cells. The sudden drop in temperature assists the food items in holding their firm form. The food preserves its taste and nutritious value. For use, it remains healthy, young, and delectable. The blast freezers will also make meal planning simpler. They can be made ahead of time and kept chilled in the blast chiller.

Benefits in Planning: The benefits of a blast chiller in a commercial kitchen are undeniable. These instruments can come in handy when dealing with a constant stream of inconsistent instructions. It is possible to keep the operation running smoothly and effectively. It assists in the preparing and preparation of meals ahead of time. Customers should not be left waiting for long periods of time, particularly on busy days.

Other benefits: Blast freezers have a range of other advantages. They play a key role in maintaining the productivity of industrial kitchens. They are effective at maintaining the freshness and nutritional value of produce. Refrigerators can help you save a lot of time and money. This chillers are highly successful at eliminating food waste.

The temperature of food items can be lowered from +70 C to 0 C using blast chillers.

In less than 90 minutes, the temperature would have risen to +3 degrees Celsius. They can also store food at temperatures ranging from 0 to 5 degrees Celsius. That also means it can be used as a Fish Fridge.

The blast freezers have a number of helpful features. The following are a few of them:

Soft chilling: This feature is perfect for food outlets with a thickness of less than 20 mm. It’s also fitting for restaurants that offer delicate fare. The temperature of the chamber air does not drop below 0 C during the cycle of these freezers, and it persists at that amount until the temperature at the freezer’s centre exceeds 3 C. If the goods prohibit you from using the probing mode, you can use the chilling period, which lasts a maximum of 90 minutes.

The hard chilling feature is suitable for food businesses that manufacture goods with a thickness of more than 20 mm or favour denser food products. The blast chiller’s loop runs at maximum capacity in the first process. If the temperature in the chamber reaches -15 to -25 degrees Celsius, it stays there. The temperature is preserved by the heart, which approaches +10 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the chamber drops to about 0 degrees Celsius. It is held at this temperature until the core temperature reaches +3 degrees Celsius. When the loop is finished, the programme reaches the storage process, and the refrigerator begins to work normally.

Increase menu range and service: Food businesses that use blast chillers will prepare a huge amount of food items ahead of time. It will assist the food service sector in introducing dishes to the menu. It’s also helpful for developing a more customer-friendly menu.

Food safety requirements are met: The blast chillers are very effective at meeting all of the food safety standards. The blast freezers are perfectly healthy for preserving food items. They are also capable of keeping the food frozen and healthy. If the machines are kept sterile, there is no risk of infection. So that the food would not get tainted, the freezers should be maintained and washed on a regular basis.

The advantages of providing a blast chiller in terms of food safety, food consistency, labour savings, and minimised food waste make it a no-brainer purchase. But, in order to make a wise investment and enjoy the rewards of this game-changing addition to your lineup, what do you really need to know? PJP is here to assist you as usual! Buckle up, because we’ve gathered some valuable information on Blast Chillers to assist you and your business.

Only you can decide the identity and needs of your organisation. The first step is to determine your particular criteria…

Blast chillers are suitable for cook-chill applications on their own. Temperatures can be securely taken out of the danger zone (41°F-135°F) through blast chillers, minimising the risk of bacteria and pathogens increasing. It maintains food consistency, taste, and freshness, enabling foodservice practitioners to cook menu items at off-peak hours and then chill until ready to serve. Blast chilling also decreases moisture depletion and shrinkage that happens during cooling times.

Blast chiller/freezers are the most effective way to easily freeze food for long-term storage. Chefs may use blast freezing to easily cook menu items and then freeze them for later use. Food products that are easily frozen, baked, and eaten preserve their cellular structure, flavour, and appearance as if they were freshly prepared.

WHAT Type, Scale, AND Capability ARE Better FOR YOUR OPERATION?
There are a number of sizes to suit different workspaces, volumes, and budgets. Act with your distributor agent to integrate your new blast chiller into your kitchen’s effective and reliable work flow.

Low-profile models are designed to fit under a combi oven for quick food pan move from the oven to the chiller. Low-profile models can hold 35 pounds of food, while undercounter models can hold 48 pounds. Low-profile and undercounter versions usually have wire racks to accommodate varying pan depths.

Food pan rack assemblies used by many larger combi ovens are accommodated by reach-in versions, making for a seamless kitchen flow from oven to chiller with a volume of approximately 220 lbs. Wire racks are widely used to handle multiple pan depths.

Roll-in and pass-thru versions consisting of walk-in panels are required for full volume specifications. Roll-ins and pass-thru versions can be used individually or in combination with a walk-in plan, and can carry up to 500 pounds of food. Some vendors have roll-in racks for the blast chiller, which can accommodate up to 26 12”x20”x2-1/2” pots.

Make sure the controls are straightforward and simple to use so that operators can easily pick the right software for the chilled or frozen food. Chefs and operators can programme custom cycles for particular menu items in most blast chillers. Consider a device with a USB port for copying HACCP data if required and alerts to alert if the chilling phase is disrupted, removing the need for continuous monitoring. A foot-activated door opener is another function to watch for for operator comfort and speed at peak hours.

Stainless steel construction is a good alternative since it is robust and simple to sustain.
It should be easy to clean with nothing more than soap and water. The interior of the chiller has radius or rounded corners, making it easy to vacuum. Cleaning the door gaskets should be quick, and self-contained versions should have easy access to the condenser. Larger versions can be made of 4” thick walk-in panels of polyurethane foamed-in-place insulation.

Blast chillers/freezers are not inexpensive, but they have a high return on investment. Income will rise, you’ll have peace of mind, and you’ll save money on labour and food. Preparing meals according to your timetable and preserving the “now prepared” taste opens up new menu choices.

Taking the first move can be daunting. Hopefully, you now have enough details to make an informed decision about your future new investment. Create a list of your questions and discuss them with your equipment and supplies specialist. They are the most knowledgeable about the equipment and will assist you in deciding what would fit best for your company.

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