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For a number of diverse customers, we have introduced multiple forms of air conditioning. This has given us the know-how to develop a solution that is both efficient and energy-friendly for you and your business, from residential homes to commercial projects.

Much like a car, it is important to fix an air conditioning unit so that it can work at its best. Here at EverythingHVAC, we will arrange for your air conditioning unit to visit your home or site for any maintenance or repairs by a skilled tradesman.

Your system’s daily usage allows soil, dust and allergens to build up within your machine. Daily operation means that the device works properly, keeping the environment safe and the household secure.

If it’s either a one-off service or a continuing arrangement. To avoid breakdowns and improve energy efficiency as well as appear cosmetically in form, we prescribe maintenance for all use of air conditioning systems. We fix all air conditioning unit brands and styles in Sydney, from modest residential sizes to large industrial sizes. There is nothing about air conditioning systems that we do not know about. Our engineers have the necessary expertise and unless parts are needed, we normally repair or diagnose on site, then we can quote accordingly and fit at a later date. So call trustworthy professionals for all your air conditioning fixes.

· Check coil on & off temperatures
· Check thermostat level
· Check safety cut out devices
· Check excessive vibration
· Check thermostat level
· Check thermostat calibration
· Check operating temperatures (Air on/off) 
· Clean inside evaporator unit (coils and fins)
· Refresh filters and micro filters (in evaporator units)Examine evaporator and valves
· Check temperature controls (Isolators and remotes)
· Clean condenser exterior (casing of outside unit)
· Examine safety controls
· Check general performance
· Check electrical safety
· Report promptly any defects or risks (On service report sheet if necessary)
· Lubricate moving parts (only when necessary)
· Check condenser coil and fins (clean as needed)
· Clean vegetation, etc from outdoor units
· Check condensing coil temperature (air on/off)
· Adjust condensing fan speed (if required)
· Check defrost control (if applicable)
· Make sure condenser is level
· Flush or blow out condensate drain line (if required)
· Check and clean evaporator drain pan and flush
· Check electrical connections
· Lubricate moving parts (if necessary)
· Clean cabinet Check visual integrity of system and report necessary improvements
· Check controllers

There are several benefits of turning up concerns before they emerge. If you can afford to keep your machine down, have the chance for improvements. Make big repairs early, when the weather is mild and your workers are not disturbed.

You should also ensure that minor issues are taken up before they become major issues. In certain situations, the expense could be more than just supplies, there could be down time, lead times, and coordination of after-hour operations, which may interrupt the lease, because they may make demands for rent discounts or because of discomfort, workers could go home early.

Employees are more happy because they can rely on not getting either hot or cold at work!

Get a service and maintenance arrangement with EverythingHVAC and get the value of prioritized service and a lower hourly rate than a non-service agreement customer, since we already know how the plant runs and its service background is typically cheaper on any service calls!

When we do updates in the off season, our vendors are much quicker, because it makes sense to repair the issues before they arise, the maintenance we do is genuinely proactive.