Multi Air Conditioner System

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The inverter system uses a variable velocity compressor instead of using a constant velocity compressor, which ensures that the air conditioning system’s cooling or heating power can be varied to accommodate indoor conditions in each room.

This makes the Inverter Multi Systems more affordable and efficient than conventional equivalents on the market today to run and generate less noise.

The right one for

One place of your house, heating & cooling
Compact proportions
In one space or a particular area of a household, maximize. The Daikin Split System Air Conditioner set is available in either ‘Cooling Only or ‘Reverse Cycle’ (Heating and Cooling) or our US7 system controls temperature, ventilation and humidity levels for optimum convenience, enabling you to achieve optimal conditions throughout the year.


For those seeking the convenience of a device that integrates unobtrusively with its surroundings, Daikin Cora Series wall mounted split system air conditioners are a natural option. The same technology that makes the indoor Daikin unit so compact also makes it powerful, but silent and energy-efficient.

There’s a practical charm to the innovative nature of the units. For a more thorough washing, the smooth surface of the flat panel design can be cleaned clean and the flat panel can be quickly replaced. Innovative air flow systems and air purifying filters from Daikin ensure fresh, conditioned air flows to every corner of the room.

The latest Cora Split System air conditioners from Daikin also feature R32 coolant, New 2-Area Intelligent Eye*, Coda Airflow technology* and 0.5 ° C Phase accurate temperature control* for maximum comfort and efficient operation and with optional remote operation Wi-Fi capabilities.

Software with Dry Feature

The Dry Function Software is capable of decreasing humidity in the air in more warm conditions while preserving the room temperature as much as possible to improve comfort.

Activity Strong

When the remote controller is activated, the cooling or heating power system is automatically boosted for 20 minutes, even though the unit is already running at a high capacity.

Air Cleaned

Our Indoor Split System Air Conditioners include Titanium Apatite, Photo catalytic Air-Purifying Filters. That, combined with mould and smells, are extremely effective in eliminating bacteria and viruses to keep the indoor air safe and secure.

The Region Intelligent Eye is a sensor for infrared presence that ensures the efficient operation of your device. The unit’s fixed point temperature is automatically changed to allow energy saving operations if the space is unoccupied for 20 minutes.


Daikin L-Series wall mounted air conditioners have many economical features with advanced and creative technologies, and one of the largest ranges available provides efficient and compact solutions to accommodate any space.

The L-series features an inverter DC Motor that shortens the start-up time of the system, allowing the target room temperature to be achieved faster and sustained continuously, eliminating variations in temperature and offering greater efficiency.

Technology DC INVERTER

Improved energy efficiency and lowered operating costs was distributed through advanced DC Inverter technology. The compressor and fans of the DC Inverter operate in tandem to provide exactly the right amount of cooling or heating to meet your needs effectively.


The high performance of the DC Inverter compressor changes its power to provide you with the optimal amount of heating and cooling you require.

35 percent more powerful than regular AC technology
Reduced noise vs. technology for AC

For maximum convenience, the DC indoor fan may adjust the airflow.

Airflow adjustment from 30 to 100 percent for improved airflow control, up to 40 percent more effective than AC technology
Precise regulation of fan velocity
Reduced noise vs. technology for AC
Outdoor Fan for DC

An outdoor DC fan with high efficiency offers enhanced performance and reduced noise.

Cooled or hot air circulates throughout the room through the fan. It has a wide ventilation range and several fan speeds: from very high, to help the room cool down fast, to very low, so if you have the right temperature, there is less noise and no unwanted draught.

Modes for running

Auto: Automatically selects the mode that is needed to hold the room at the temperature selected.
Cool: From the inside to the outside, pumps heat.
Heat: Pumps heat to the inside from the outside.
Dry: Dehumidifies the air by just marginally cooling.
Fan only: Blasts air without heating, cooling or drying, which is good when a cooling breeze is what you want.